Careers at Freecharge

FreeCharge is among India’s largest consumer transaction platforms and now part of India’s largest M-Commerce Ecosystem. We’re committed to building products that are not only used by millions of users, but also loved by them making us involved in the industry’s most interesting and challenging projects. With this said, let us introduce the awesome technologies that we use that makes this incredible product possible :-

Automation :-

  • Developing new features at great pace is not possible without use of Automation. Automation is part and parcel of all our teams and allows us to deploy, manage and secure systems just by a command.
  • We make use of configuration management, version management and CI/CD tools to automate cloud provisioning, application deployment, deploying Security layers on application, and many other IT needs. With agent-less architecture and SSH based mechanism, it saves us lot of time during deployment and allows us to focus on developing cool features for our customers.

Infrastructure :-

  • We leverage the Amazon Cloud extensively which gives us Agility, Elasticity and Flexibility to handle the large scale spikes in traffic at frequent intervals and provide customers a consistent experience without any degradation of performance.
  • We have a solid 3 tier Architecture consisting of Web Servers, Application Servers and Database Servers which gives us Flexibility, High Availability and Strong Security at each tier.
  • We actively use Content Distribution Systems, Queues, Messages Buses, redundant shared data stores, load balancers and other services that enable us to distribute the loads even at the highest peak of traffic and load the site in a flash.

Analytics :-

  • We track about 720 million click stream events per day approximately. We have robust and salable systems in place to handle click stream events at
  • We generate real time transnational funnel reports with a delay of 1hr.
  • We continue to thrive to personalize the user experience in, for the same, we do individual profiling of more than 23 million users at, by capturing user behavior, and processing by in build predictive systems.
  • In built robust reckoning system will alarm any mismatch in data uploads/data dumps/data transfers

Security :-

  • We are one of the initial companies who have achieved PCI DSS version 3.0 compliance as a Level 1 Merchant. We follow Industry Level Best Practices for Defense-In-Depth across all of our Infrastructure

Life at FreeCharge :-

  • FreeCharge boasts of a culture where there is a right mix of responsibility and freedom.
  • Our team consists of rock star front-end engineers, solid Java developers, product hackers and DevOps gurus handpicked from the best product development companies. FreeCharge inspires a sense of high ownership towards the vision which leads to high quality outputs from every single employee.
  • With constantly researching, developing and implementing best-in-class features, we are always looking for people who can help us do the same.
  • With this being said, we have a Awesome Gaming Room, Free Food, A Library and much more.

Opportunities at FreeCharge :-

  • Feel free to explore the Current Openings at Free Charge.


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