The case of slowly dropping recharge rate


This shows recharge rates on Nov 1 and Nov 2.

Since 1:30pm on Nov 2, we began to notice a slow decrease in the recharge rate. The normal pattern we observe almost daily is a steady drop in the afternoon hours, before recharges begin exponentially picking up pace again in the early evening – but this looked different and the decrease rate continued through 5:30pm, which was odd. It was not a sudden drop, so any system change seemed unlikely to have caused this. A look at the HTTP connections graph also showed the same story. The actual traffic to the site was slowly dropping since 1:30pm. Maybe it was because of Diwali. But still, we were not satisfied with the lack of a singular culprit.

I could not find anything obviously wrong with our systems and got in touch with Chandrashekhar (our devops guru). He also agreed that the shape of the chart looked suspicious.

After ho-humming about it for a while, CNB asked me to turn on the TV and watch the India-Australia cricket match; I acquiesced, and watched the last two overs of the superb Indian innings. Around 10 minutes after the Indian innings got over, CNB tells me to look at the chart again. A noticeable spike – in recharge rate and traffic as well!

Take a look at the second chart.


The correlation was just too much to ignore. When India bats, we experience lower recharge rates. Mind = blown!

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